Iceland and Greenland Trip Intro Synopsis

August 10 to August 27, 2006


The trip began with AA flights from San Diego to JFK Airport, New York, followed by IcelandAir flights to Keflavik, Iceland. However, this was the morning when airport security was thrown into chaotic changes -- no liquids or gels -- due to the arrests of many terrorists in London. Despite an extremely long wait to get through security, the flight took off only 30 minutes late at 8 a.m. The real problem would be in New York. Severe thunderstorms shut down all take-offs and landings for over two hours. Thus my IcelandAir flight was delayed from 8:50 p.m. until 2:30 a.m. I arrived at nearly midday local time on the 11th in Iceland.

I began a whirlwind tour of Iceland by rental car, which lasted until at mid-afternoon on the 15th. At that time, I boarded Air Iceland (a.k.a. "Flugfelag Islands"), not IcelandAir, at Reykjavik Municipal Airport for a two-hour flight to Narsarsuaq, Greenland. Generally, only Air Iceland (from Iceland) and Air Greenland (from Denmark) have service to Greenland. Air Greenland is due to fly one day a week between Boston and Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, starting in 2007.

I toured Greenland by foot, helicopter, and ferry from the 15th until ten days later on the 25th. I flew back to Reykjavik, stayed one night, then flew IcelandAir from Keflavik nonstop to San Francisco. After staying with relatives in SF for a few days, I returned to San Diego on United. Here are pages of notes and pictures from the trip:

Iceland Page 1     Iceland Page 2

Greenland Page 1     Greenland Page 2     Greenland Page 3

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