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Travel Visas, Passports, and Insurance

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Warning: Some non-US non-UK citizens traveling through Canada require a Canada transit visa even if they are not leaving the airport (click this link to learn more.

1. Travel Visas & Passports

Holding and acquiring proper travel visas and passports which match the name on your tickets is the responsibility of the customer who books airfare on our web site. If you feel you have entered the name of a passenger incorrectly, due to a mistake, a change of marital status, or any other reason, please contact contact us immediately. For all other visa and passport matters, please see below, as our agents do not have the rules of each national government memorized. It is much better to real information online. A "transit visa" may be required if you are landing and taking off again in a country, even though you are not leaving the airport.

Ordering Visas and Requirements
Apply for Passports

Do I need a travel visa or other documents?
For US citizens traveling abroad, please click here for a list of countries with their requirements for entry into or transit through each country. You might be only switching planes in a country, "transiting," but still a "transit visa" may be required. For "last-minute" visas for US citizens especially, call CIBT at 1-800-929-2428 (toll-free in USA) or 323-658-5100. This can be expensive but may be cheaper than changing airfare.

For Canadian citizens, please click here for information on visas. This is a general link for Canadians traveling abroad, which connects to many other links. For citizens of other nations, you may email a request to, but provide (1) country to visit (2) reason for visit (3) length of visit, and (4) country which issued your passport. Or you can speak by phone with persons at your nation's embassy in Washington, DC (click here).

May I order a passport through an online service? Yes, see this link: Passports.

May I order a travel visa through an online service? Yes, for US citizens see this link: Travel Visas. For citizens of other nations, you may email a request to, but provide (1) country to visit (2) reason for visit (3) length of visit, and (4) country which issued your passport.

Where can I get answers to questions about passports, visas, and international travel?
The U.S. government provides an excellent source of travel information at including much passport information. The Canadian government also provides answers, if you Click Here.

Do I need paper tickets to get a visa?
Some representatives request documentation of your travel plans before granting a visa. However, electronic tickets are just as valid as paper tickets. If you are asked to submit documentation, you may submit an official itinerary that can be printed out. To look up your reservation information, please check our FAQ / Help Page.

Travel from USA to Mexico: Click Here
Travel from USA to Canada: Click Here

2. Travel Protection (Insurance)

Insurance Bundled with Airfare: When you click on a fare and go to the final page where you will see taxes included and have the option to put in a credit card, there will be a click-box you can select to add trip cancellation insurance. These are special rates that can only be booked at the time of purchase.

Be sure to click the link next to the box to view the terms of the travel insurance, especially to see the coverage amounts, since only certain amounts of coverage are currently possible. If you wish to view alternate travel insurance plans with different options that might fit your particular needs better, then you can always book insurance separately. See the options listed below.

Trip Insurance as Separate Purchase: If you prefer a wide range of plans to select from so that you the exact coverage you like, consider the following providers below:

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