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Eleuthera is an island in The Bahamas, lying 50 miles east of Nassau. It is very long and thin - 110 miles long and in places little more than a mile wide. The settlements include (north to south) The Bluff, Upper and Lower Bogue, Current, Gregory Town, Alice Town, James Cistern, Governor's Harbour, North and South Palmetto Point, Savannah Sound, Winding Bay, Tarpum Bay, Rock Sound, Greencastle, Deep Creek, Delancy Town, Waterford, Wemyss Bight, John Millars, Millar's and Bannerman Town. Airports with regularly scheduled flights are available at North Eleuthera, Governor's Harbour and Rock Sound. Eleuthera has 3 airports: North Eleuthera (ELH), Governors Harbour (GHB), and Rock Sound (RSD). All airports are small, open-air and convenient. ELH and GHB have onsite bars and ELH has an onsite restaurant. North Eleuthera Airport is an airport in North Eleuthera on Eleuthera in the Bahamas (IATA: ELH). It serves the outlying islands of Harbour Island and Spanish Wells as well as the northernmost third of Eleuthera Island. (Pause for advertisement): Book deals on hotels in the best locations at your travel destinations. Make hotel reservations. Reserve hotel rooms and suites. Find lodging and accommodations to suit your tastes. Look up hotel deals at AirGorilla and HotelGorilla.com (end of ad). Airlines flying here for travel include American Airlines, Bahamasair, Continental Airlines, and a few more. ELH has the most flights arriving and departing. ELH is a short taxi ride and water taxi ride to Harbour Island. Most car rental places on the island will gladly pick you up at ELH and drive to another town on the island. ELH is 15 to 20 minutes north of Gregory Town. Sweetings Pond in North Central Eleuthera is recognized as a site of special ecological value, containing, it is estimated, a concentration of Ophiothrix oerstedi brittlestars at up to 434 individuals per square metre, because of the lack of marine predators. The ferry docks on Eleuthera at Governor's Harbour, Spanish Wells and neighboring Harbour Island. To reach Harbour Island, one can take a water taxi from the main island of Eleuthera. Harbour Island has the highest concentration of hotels; many of them upscale. Swim, snorkel or dive the tidal current at Current Cut (North Eleuthera). Thrilling! Explore the Hatchet Bay Cave. Explore some of the other caves on the island (there are several)! A) There is one just north of Ten Bay Beach (South of South Palmetto Point) - look out for the "Bahamas Heritage" sign on Queen's Highway. This one has a huge colony of bats, you can't miss them, and you will need a flashlight. On Eleuthera there are only about 3 hotels on the waterfront even though the island is 100 miles long. Harbour island is home to luxurious vacation homes and is known as a premier family vacation destination for the travel elite. This travel destination is known for it's high caliber resorts, upscale shopping, and exclusive yacht marina.
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