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Norfolk Island is an island in the South Pacific Ocean, an Australian territory. It is 1600 km east of Sydney and Brisbane and 1000 km northwest of Auckland, New Zealand. In 1856 Norfolk Island was settled by former inhabitants of the second largest of the Pitcairn Islands. The Pitcairn Islanders were descendants of Fletcher Christian and Bounty mutineers, together with Tahitian women. Norfolk Island's immigration control is separate from Australian immigration control and the island imposes extra restrictions on visitors above those imposed by Australia. Citizens of Australia and New Zealand normally automatically receive 30-day visitors' visas upon landing. Other international visitors must obtain a visa for entry to Australia. It must be valid for 30 days after you intend to leave the island and it must be a multi-entry visa, since leaving for and returning from Norfolk Island will be considered as a separate entry to Australia. Norfolk Island has a single airport (IATA: NLK) occupying much of the south-east of the island. (Pause for advertisement): Book deals on hotels in the best locations at your travel destinations. Make hotel reservations. Reserve hotel rooms and suites. Find lodging and accommodations to suit your tastes. Look up hotel deals at AirGorilla and (end of ad). It is served by two airlines: Norfolk Air and Air New Zealand. Flying time from Auckland is just under two hours. There is no regular passenger service to Norfolk Island by sea. Cruise Ships occasionally call at Norfolk Island. Norfolk Island's currency is the Australian dollar, and the currency symbol is $. Norfolk Island is not subject to Australian taxation. There is no public transport system on Norfolk Island. While it is possible to walk the length and breadth of it, most visitors hire a car. As the island's economy is based around tourism, there are myriad options for accommodation, ranging from basic one- or two-person rooms through to resort-style establishments with restaurants attached hosting seafood buffets. The commercial hub of the island, Burnt Pine, has a number of well-situated guesthouses central to most shops, while accommodation elsewhere is designed to capitalize on views and proximity to nature. Norfolk Island, unsurprisingly, is famous for its seafood, which is generally caught fresh by most of the restaurants on the island. The local trumpeter is a particular delicacy. Cumberland Resort and Spa has affordable 4-star hotel luxury, central location in tranquil garden setting, within 2 minute stroll to cafes, restaurants and shops. Norfolk Island's hotels, motels and resorts are small to medium sized establishments and they tend to be concentrated in and around the center of town.
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