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La Coruna (Catalan: A Coruna) is located in Galicia, Spain. The La Coruna airport (Alvedro) is located in the Culleredo municipal limits, 8 km from La Coruna. It has national and international connections and it is operated by Iberia, Spanair, EasyJet, CLickAir, and Portugalia. There are a couple of international flights (to London Heathrow and to Lisbon) and frequent national connections (mainly to Madrid, several flights a day). You can get to the airport by local bus or taxi. The larger airport for Santiago de Compostela (Labacolla) is an alternative, 50 Km. from La Coruna. Xardin de San Carlos, a beautiful and romantic garden, is often used for wedding photoshoots. Castelo de San Anton (castle) holds an interesting Archaeological museum. It used to be located in an island. Torre de Hercules is a Roman lighthouse, apparently the oldest lighthouse in the world that is still in use. The train station (San Cristobal) is close to the bus station. The train service is operated by RENFE, and there are long distance services to Madrid, Barcelona and the French border. Local services connect La Coruna with most other important Galician cities. The beaches of Orzan and Riazor (situated on the Western side of the peninsula) provide a nice and sandy beach within the city itself. However, if you are used to swimming in the Mediterranean, you might find the water slightly cold. The seafront promenade, that surrounds the peninsula, provides the opportunity of nice strolls. The bus station for city has numerous connections both international (operated mainly by ALSA) as well as numerous local services, operated by (among others) Arriva Noroeste, Autos Cal Pita or Monbus. Some local connections include the immediate metropolitan area, as well as most of the Costa da Morte area, Ferrol/Rias Altas. There are relatively frequent connections with the Lugo coast. You will find a huge selection of typical spanish cafeterias. (Pause for advertisement): Book deals on hotels in the best locations at your travel destinations. Make hotel reservations. Reserve hotel rooms and suites. Find lodging and accommodations to suit your tastes. Look up hotel deals at AirGorilla and (end of ad). Most restaurants offer sea food dishes of good quality. The local beer is called Estrella Galicia, and it is typical to drink it with olives in the glass. Places to stay include Hesperia Finisterre, Hotel Riazor, Hotel Tryp, Hotel AC A Coruna, Hotel Moon, and Hotel Zenit Coruna.
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