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Almeria's train station is located on the Plaza de la Estacion in the centre of the city and has services to destinations across Spain. Like many Andalusian cities, Almeria kept its Arabic name after it had been recaptured by the Spanish. It is a relatively small town by the sea, which includes in its region the Natural Resort (Parque Natural) area of Cabo de Gata. Visit the great beaches of Las Salinas and La Almadrava de Monteleva. Places to see include Casa de los Marqueses de Torrealta Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Encarnacion, John Lennon Monument, La Alcazaba, Las Claras Convent, Museo del Aceite de Oliva, Palace of the Marquees of Cabra, and Palace of the Viscounts of the Castillo de Almansa. Almeria Airport (IATA: LEI) is located 9 km east of the city centre in South-East Spain, in the province of Almeria. It is a modern airport, with arrivals and departures taking place on the main ground floor. It also has a terrace overlooking the runway. Regular national and international flights arrive and depart at the airport. (Pause for advertisement): Book deals on hotels in the best locations at your travel destinations. Make hotel reservations. Reserve hotel rooms and suites. Find lodging and accommodations to suit your tastes. Look up hotel deals at AirGorilla and (end of ad). The domestic flag-carrier Iberia Airlines serves the airport while EasyJet flies from and to the UK. Numerous charter companies fly to and from the airport, making it the second most important airport in terms of foreign tourism in Andalucia. There are numerous tapas bars located around the town, offering a choice of meat, fish and seafood as well as some typical tortillas and potato dishes. Local bus line 20 links the airport with the city centre. Taxis and car rental companies are available, too. Airlines flying to Almeria include Iberia Airlines (operated by Air Nostrum), Jetairfly, Monarch Airlines, Air Berlin, and Ryanair. Places to stay include Gran Hotel Almeria, Hotel AC Almeria, Hotel La Perla Almeria, Hotel Catedral, Gran Hotel Almeria, and Hotel Torreluz III. Almeria is the capital of the province of Almeria, Spain. It is located in southeastern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. See The Cathedral, with a fortress-like appearance due to its towers, merlons and protected paths, aimed to defend it from the Mediterranean pirates. The traveller may also enjoy Chanca, a group of houses carved within rocks. Paseo de Coches is a modern seaside walk with gardens and palms, which a tourist may enjoy. By sea, the port of Almeria has lines to Melilla, Algeria and Morocco, also being scale of tourist cruises in the Mediterranean. Due to its arid landscape, numerous spaghetti westerns were filmed in Almeria.
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