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Kefalonia, also spelled Kefallonia or Kefallinia or Cephallonia, is an island in the Ionian Islands in Greece. Kefalonia towns are clean, friendly and small enough to get round with no hassle. It's the breathtaking natural scenery you visit this gorgeous island for, and visitors will not be disappointed. Lush forests, breathtaking mountains and dizzyingly high cliffs dropping down to glittering azure seas are what Kefalonia is all about. The towns are mere conveniences - except for Fiskardo they were all levelled in the 1953 earthquake, so most of what you see is of functional concrete construction with no nod to aesthetics. Lassi is a major tourist area close to Argostoli. Leibatho is a tourist area south of Argostoli. Skala is a sea resort in South Kefalonia. Lixouri is the island's second city and faces the capital, Argostoli, across a kind of elongated bay (there is a ferry). Argostoli, a long thin town, has serious shops and a rather underwhelming museum. Fiskardo, at the northern tip of the island, is popular with yachts and rather pricey and upmarket. (Pause for advertisement): Book deals on hotels in the best locations at your travel destinations. Make hotel reservations. Reserve hotel rooms and suites. Find lodging and accommodations to suit your tastes. Look up hotel deals at AirGorilla and (end of ad). Lourdas is a spartan and sleepy village scattered alongside a beautiful long sandy beach on the Southern coast. A sizeable percentage of the local summer population of Kefalonia live abroad in the winter months - there is simply not enough work on the island out of season (Nov - April). Hence the large number of Greeks with American accents on the island. English is understood almost universally, with only senior citizens confined to their native language. The region, incorporating the neighbouring island of Ithaki (Ithaca) is known as Kefallinia, hence the name of the airport.The Island is best known, perhaps, as the setting for 'Captain Corelli's mandolin', though the level of Corelli-related merchandising is not as great as you might expect, even in Sami, the old-fashioned port in the East of the island, the portside of which was turned into a kind of set for the film. The main airport for Kefalonia is located near Argostoli and Lassi,and is a typical small island airport. In other words, if there are 2 or more `planes on the ramp, it can get very crowded! The main travel days are Tuesday and Sunday, and it's bedlam on both days! Remember that chaos is a Greek word and just go with the flow - the staff are surprisingly cheerful and relaxed. You can also arrive by frequent ferry from Italy, the Greek mainland, or other islands.
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