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Return to AirGorilla Hotel Page. Book discount hotels and deals on accommodations. Search hotel specials. Purchase cheap hotel rates. We offer online hotel reservations for over 70,000 hotels in over 10,000 cities worldwide. We are a leader in Internet hotel services. Our company was founded in February, 2001, and is located in the San Diego area in California. We combine discounted prices from multiple participating lodging consolidators with the published rates of hundreds of chains to provide the best selection of low price deals you can find.

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After booking a hotel, you can interface with email and customer support phone numbers that are available in our help manual. We have friendly agents who can help you with any additional assistance you may seek, if you cannot find your answer in our extensive help manual. Compare expedia, kayak, travelocity, orbitz, hotwire, and bookingbuddy.

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The most heavily advertised web sites do not include low "consolidator" hotel rates, much of which are for international, simply because they do not wish to deal with the complexity of dealing with multiple partner companies. Consolidators are used more by store-front agencies than by internet hotel sites, but our site is the most prominent exception.

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