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Travel Blogs, Bloggers, Blogging has its own unique travel blog related to travel topics (and gorillas!) at Blog.AirGorilla.Com. AirGorilla also has a Travelogs section. You can send in your own blog and travelog experiences for posting.

Additionally, below are some other popular travel blog sites:

While many travelers are able to keep travel journals on their trips, it is harder for most to update a blog while on the road. It's one thing if the travel bloggers find themselves near a cyber cafe in, say, London, but there are not many Internet connections in the Atacama Desert in Chile or Victoria Falls in Africa. The other hitch is that few people travel enough to provide material for a blog.

Travel blogs reflect the linear nature of travel itself. There is a beginning, middle and end to any trip. Few people travel ceaselessly. Many of the best blogs, therefore, center on a finite goal--a year abroad, a walk for charity, a circumnavigation of the globe. The best travel blogs provide their readers with adventure. The people who write them are going to places and doing things that most of their readers only dream of. One of the great things about travel blogging is that it makes people realize that anybody can travel anywhere.

Sidebar: A good AirGorilla site for group air travel is