One Way Flights Advice:

Pricing for One-Ways - Sometimes, you will find significant savings when buying a one-way ticket compared to a round-trip ticket. However, upon occasion, you could find one-way tickets on some of the largest U.S. airlines to be more expensive than round-trips, because they often restrict their cheaper "blocks" of seats to the round-trip customers. You could try searching round-trip prices for comparison and simply discard your return ticket. The cheaper return dates will be during the middle of the week and involve staying for at least one Saturday at the destination.

International Restrictions - Some nations require proof of onward travel (such as a return ticket, or a train/bus ticket leaving the country) or they will not let you in the country. Depending on the origin of your passport or your citizenship status, if the airline itself is not convinced you will be allowed in the country, they may deny you boarding. For rules of your destination, click here: Foreign Entry Requirements. You may want to just buy a roundtrip ticket. Nothing prevents you from simply not using the return portion of the ticket.