Buying for Minors Who Travel Alone: This is a delicate matter. Every airline sets its own age limits and special conditions. Nearly all airlines charge a fee of some sort upon boarding. Some do not have escort service between one flight to the next. Some do not want a minor below a certain age to connect to a flight that is the last flight of the day between two cities (if the flight is delayed, how are they going to put the minor up in a hotel room without a parent present?) For some age ranges, airlines will require proof of parenting/guardianship for boarding. Since nearly all tickets are nonrefundable and all are nontransferable, be absolutely sure of the rules on each airline of the itinerary. Often combining two airlines on the same itinerary going the same direction for a minor traveling alone may present a problem. It may depend on the relationship between the two airlines. We recommend you search flights on our web site, but call the airline phone numbers to actually book the tickets.