Buying Tickets for Others: What do I do if the name on the credit card does not match the name on any passenger's passport.

Please use the following guidelines for scenarios below:

(1) If you are buying airfare for a relative or friend or employee using your own card, it is perfectly fine to book this directly online. Your tickets might be slower to be ticketed because we manually examine such reservations extra closely for protection against persons trying to use stolen credit cards. Aside from other precautions, depending on the circumstances, we may call the card holder to confirm the reservation meets their approval.

If you purchase airfare for a minor under the age of 17 who is traveling alone, please click this link for important advice before considering booking.

(2) I Changed My Last Name: If your last name on your passport (or photo ID for domestic flights) and your last name on your credit card are different (you were married for instance), please put your passport name everywhere a name is asked for. Then, in the "Address 2" line, please mention your credit card last name in this format: CC LN Smith (for instance if your credit card last name is Smith). IF you are flying somewhere overseas, then getting your name changed there, then getting a new passport, and then flying back, you will either have to buy two one-way tickets or find out if you can keep both passports so that you can fly home using your old name.

When making bookings on the internet, always remember the ticket will be in the passenger's name you give. NEVER enter a person's name in the passenger blanks if the person is not someone who will be traveling. This is because all tickets are nontransferable.