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AirGorilla is happy to offer an airfare price guarantee. Sometimes airlines lower their price ladders and fuel surcharges due to changing competition and oil prices. Therefore, we are proud to offer the following automatic guarantee if you place an airline reservation on AirGorilla.com:

Terms of the Guarantee

If someone else comes to our web site and books the same flights and "class of service" (also called a "fare basis") as you do within 30 days following the date you placed your reservation, or up to your date of outbound travel, whichever time frame expires first, then we will refund you the difference between the new fare and the old fare via a company cheque, which will be mailed to your billing address. This is automatic.

When we say flights, we mean the same flight numbers that you booked on the same dates of travel. Someone traveling flight 127 on January 1 is not on the same flight as someone traveling flight 127 on February 1.

By "class of service," also essentially called "fare basis," this means firstly the one-letter designator of class of service, such as W class, Q class, Y class, K class, etc. Each airline divides their inventory into blocks (volumes of seats) which they associate with these one-letter codes. Each is considered a different class of service and has different rules for ticket refundability, changability, upgradability, etc.

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Such aspects certainly qualify as types or classes of "service." As a result, the airlines do charge different prices for each clas. There is a sequence of classes, say Y_H_I_J_K_M_Q_W. This means there is also a sequence of prices for those classes, from lowest to highest price, which is called a fare ladder.

Business Class and First Class are also given one-letter codes. For a number of airlines, Business Class is "Z" class. Aside from the one-letter booking classes, on occasion there are also "fare basis codes" that can subdivide the one-letter booking classs. For instance, an airline may distinguish between flights bought with less than 3 days advance purchase or less than 21 days. Some airlines may offer a different set of rules (such as upgradability, refunds, etc) on the flight if its bought "last-second." That counts as a separate "class of service." It represents a different kind of inventory being sold.

We are so pleased to have you visit our web site. We use a combination of search protocols and special deals with wholesalers and consolidators to provide the greatest access we can to low fares on the broadest list of destinations. We hope that AirGorilla.com will become one the several you routinely check for good prices and the right flight schedules for all your travel needs -- including airfare, hotel reservations, car rental, airport shuttles, airport parking, and oh so much more!

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