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Confirm Travel ... Check My Reservation

What Did You Book?

(1) Airline Reservation - Read this whole page of instructions.
(2) Hotel Reservation - Visit our Hotel Support Information page.
(3) Air & Hotel Package (or more) - If you booked multiple products together
        as one package, then visit our Packages Support Information page.
(4) Car Rental - Visit our Rental Car Support Information page.

Airfare Confirmation:

This Page - As noted in the Terms previously, fares are not guaranteed until correctly ticketed (a rule for all travel web sites). Most ticketing is under three hours; "bargain fares" take up to 72 hours.

First Email - We automatically email you a copy of your reservation within 5 to 20 minutes of your making a reservation as a test to see if you can receive emails from us. It also can be used as a receipt later. If you do not receive the email quickly, then one of the following is true: (1) email was blocked on your end (check your junk mail folder), (2) you misspelled your email address, or (3) your mailbox is too full. If you are not receiving our emails, please check these possibilities before you contact us. Email is how we notify you that your tickets are issued, or that there is an issue (such as credit card failure), or that a flight schedule change has been done by the airline.

Shipping of Tickets - For rare instances a paper ticket may be required for your trip, such as when (1) there is an itinerary involving mixtures of small international airlines, or (2) there is an infant under age 24 months on an international flight. We only ship to U.S./Canada addresses (and no PO Boxes or APO). So, if this is an issue or you need to change your shipping address, please email us.

Charges - For many fares, your total price may be split into two or more charges. Sometimes there is a separate charge by an airline for each passenger. You may also see charges split into a part called "airfare balance," "service fee," "agent fee," or similar. You should recall that service fees were included the very first time we showed you a fare. Assuming you do not have a shipping charge (see above), your total charges always will be what you saw clearly on your checkout page. If somehow you see incorrect or double charges, please email us. Usually a double-charge means is your bank gave us two approvals for the same ticket and you will see one disappear in a few days (your bank decides when).

Second Email - A second email will come to you after your tickets are issued. Remember that fares are not guaranteed until tickets are issued and fare validity double-checked. Alternately, if we have a problem issuing your tickets, you will be sent an email about that and often a phone call as well. What if I do not receive the 2nd email? Click to show/hide info

Print Your Reservation - All airlines periodically change their flight scheduling so you may have to reprint again on a later date. Always reconfirm your flights with the airline directly at least 24 hours prior to departure. You might also consider using their online check-in options soon thereafter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please review flight dates, times, email address, passenger name(s), and misspellings. Last names may be shortened due to the airline requiring less than 16 letters (this is okay). For international travel, the name of each passenger must match a passport. However, middle names are not required. For domestic flights, the names must match a government-issued photo ID. For business class fares make sure this is mentioned next to the long-distance flight segments (notify us immediately if the airline has given you the wrong class).

United 747 plane

Check Extra Information

Minors Traveling Alone: Click to show/hide info

Special Meals: Click to show/hide info

Special Needs/Disabilities: Click to show/hide info

Pets: Click to show/hide info

Frequent Flyer Credits: Click to show/hide info

United 747 plane

Seat Assignments: Seating will show in your reservation only if the tickets have been issued. Otherwise seat assignments will be blank or say "check-in required."

We always attempt to assign seats according to the preferences you gave when purchasing the tickets and always attempt to seat all passengers in the same row or as close together as possible. If you do not like your seating, you may first try contacting the airline directly using our Airline Contact page. NOTE: The airlines use a different reference code than we do in most cases, so have them look you up by your name. The airline's "own" code usually appears within your checkmytrip details (however, some airlines prefer our code).

International Travel & Foreign Entry - Passports are required for nearly all international travel. An airline also may not allow you to board a plane if you require a travel visa or other foreign entry requirements satisfied for that country. A "transit visa" may be required if you are landing and taking off again in a country, even though you are not leaving the airport. Please visit our international travellers page for more information. If you have an issue, notify us immediately since airlines gives us very little time to cancel a ticket once it's been issued.

Flight Changes - As the airlines make flight schedule changes at their discretion, and some changes are last minute, it is strongly advised that you contact the airlines 24 hours prior to departure to re-confirm your flights. For a list of airline phone numbers, please use our Airline Contact Page. Note: The airlines use a different reference code than we do in most cases, so have them look you up by your name. If the airline has made an inconvenient change, you may call them to ask if they might further alter your itinerary in a more convenient way.

If the airline messages us about a change, we will make an attempt to forward a new copy of your itinerary. If you do not receive it, it means either the airline did not notify us (even though they may disagree), or the airline tried to notify us but the system connecting to us was offline, or your email server did not accept our email (or you typed your email address incorrectly at one time). In any case, this just means again that it is your responsibility to reconfirm your flights with the airline prior to each departure.