Multiple Destination Flights:

Open Jaw - Such as A to B, then return from C to A. Simply type your cities and dates for each segment. It is OK to leave the last segments blank.

Circle Trips - Such as A to B to C to A... or A to B to C to D to A. Type in one segment at a time for up to 4 segments. It is OK to leave the last segment blank.

Even Longer Trips? - For even more stops, the trip must be broken up into parts. For the best economy, put the longest segments together and book shorter hops separately. If there are only long segments, then book the first and last trip portions together. Book the middle separately.

No Fares Found? - For trips with the greatest number of segments, sometimes the system has trouble finding adequate flight combinations. If you get no fares found, please call our staff at the phone on our contact page.