Terms for Flights Originating Outside USA/Canada

(1) MAKING RESERVATIONS: For billing addresses outside USA/Canada, you may type in a full foreign address in the Street Address #1 and #2 lines, including foreign zip. Below that, repeat the city name. If your country is not listed, then leave it as "United States" even though the address is overseas. Pick any U.S. state (you have to pick one), and enter the US postal code as 12345. If you have a foreign phone number, realize we do not call outside USA/Canada generally, so email is the method of contact. The web site will ask for a phone number, and you can leave off the country code and put zeroes in front to make sure all 10 digits are filled in.

(2) SHIPPING: Most tickets are electronic tickets which require no shipping, but some reservations require paper tickets. Typically, if you book a minor foreign airline, there is a small chance you will need paper tickets. First, we do not ship paper tickets outside USA/Canada or to APO addresses (military bases on foreign soil). After booking successfully, you can provide an alternate shipping address within the USA/Canada in case of paper tickets by emailing travelhelp@airgorilla.com. Or, you can ask us to cancel if a paper ticket is being issued. But you need to email that condition within 24 hours and call us if you don't hear back within 12 hours. Contact Information.

(3) FRAUD PROTECTION: In order to protect consumers and prevent credit card fraud, our fraud detection department may determine certain reservations to be high-risk based on where the traveler is flying from or toward or the failure of a credit card information to verify. This includes, for instance, all flights headed to or from Africa. For such cases we contact you to make sure your phone number is legitimate, perform additional checks to make sure the true credit card holder on record approves the purchase, and might require you to fax a credit card form before tickets are issued.