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AirGorilla negotiates great deals on Contadora flights. We find airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars for Contadora as well. For information on the airport, there is a link further below on this page.

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Find cheap flights to Contadora by using this page. Bookmark our page for easy reference. Flights are cheap during certain seasons while more costly during other seasons. Contadora is a popular flight destination.

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Contadora Island is a Panamanian island on the Pearl Islands archipielago (Spanish: Archipielago de las Perlas) in the Gulf of Panama. Book cheap air fares and cheap flights to Contadora, Panama. Make reservations for Contadora hotels as well. A popular tourist destination, Contadora has a regional/domestic airport (IATA code: OTD), and has regular flights to and from Panama City and the rest of the islands in the archipielago. The beautiful island of Contadora is located off the Pacific coast of Panama, in the Pearl Island Archipelago, Gulf of Panama, and is only 30 miles (a short 15 minute flight) from Panama City. Normally, unless you have your own boat, the only way to get to Contadora is by a 15 minute flight from Albrook Airport. Contadora is a resort island, with many homes owned by wealthy Panamanians. There is a large hotel and other cabins available. Most of the resort workers live on nearby Isla Saboga. Air lines flying with travel tickets to Contadora include Aero Perlas Airlines and Air Panama. At only 1.4 miles long, everything is within walking distance! Walking is a great way to discover and explore “hidden” nooks and crannies around the island. (Pause for advertisement): Find airline tickets, travel deals, bed and breakfasts, Cheap flights. Obtain air fare prices, lodging, air tickets, and student travel. Check out flights, trip tickets, air line specials, low prices on air travel fares and more at (end of ad). The streets are lighted at night, and the island is safe. Roxanna and Guillermo at Coral Dreams Dive Shop have a snorkeling tour that leaves every morning at 10:00 AM. During the tour, they will call your attention to many points of interest about the islands. Book discount airfare for cheap tickets to Contadora, and consider accommodations at hotels in Contadora, Panama. There are several independent local fishermen willing to take you on the excursion of your choice. Depending on activities and length of time you can customize your own tour of the Pearl Islands. The Contadora Island Inn is a delightful bed and breakfast style accommodation on Isla Contadora, Panama. Other places to stay include Hotel Punta Galeon Resort Hotel and Contadora Resort Hotel. In 1980, the Iranian shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, briefly lived in Contadora in the period from his exile from power until his death.
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