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AirGorilla negotiates great deals on French Guiana flights. We find airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars for French Guiana as well. For information on the airport, there is a link further below on this page.

French Guiana Flights

Find cheap flights to French Guiana by using this page. Bookmark our page for easy reference. Flights are cheap during certain seasons while more costly during other seasons. French Guiana is a popular flight destination.

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French Guiana is an overseas region of France, consisting of a single overseas department (French: departement d'outre-mer, or DOM) located on the northern coast of South America. Book travel reservations with cheap flights to French Guiana and hotel rooms. Kourou is the city which hosts the space center and Arianespace. French Guiana's main international airport is Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport, located in the commune of Matoury, a southern suburb of Cayenne. There are three flights a day to Paris (Orly Airport), served by Air France, Air Caraibes and CorsairFly. The flight time from Cayenne to Paris is 8 hours and 25 minutes, and from Paris to Cayenne it is 9 hours and 10 minutes. (Pause for advertisement): Find airline tickets, travel deals, bed and breakfasts, Cheap flights. Obtain air fare prices, lodging, air tickets, and student travel. Check out flights, trip tickets, air line specials, low prices on air travel fares and more at (end of ad). There are also flights to Fort-de-France, Pointe--Pitre, Port-au-Prince, Miami and Belem. Since French Guiana is a territory of France, French immigration law is applicable. Generally, this means EU citizens are allowed unhindered access into French Guiana while many other Western nations can stay for 90 days without a visa. If you travel with discount airfare tickets to French Guiana, then consider making reservations also at Hotel Ket Tai, Hotel Des Roches, Hotel Amazonia, Hotel Mercure Ariatel, Novotel Cayenne Hotel, Hotel & Bar La Bodega, or Hotel Mercure Atlantis. French Guiana's main seaport is the port of Degrad des Cannes, located on the estuary of the Mahury River, in the commune of Remire-Montjoly, a south-eastern suburb of Cayenne. Almost all of French Guiana's imports and exports pass through the port. Roughly 14% of the population is of European ancestry. The vast majority of these are of French heritage, though there are also people of Dutch, British, Spanish and Portuguese ancestry.
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