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Brescia is a rich industrial city between Lake Garda and the Valtrompia in the foothills of the alps, about 100 km east of Milan. It is less famous for its history and art than for its role as a primary manufacturing center. The large factories produce weapons (including the famous Beretta pistols) and cutlery/kitchen accessories. Brescia has a very small airport located 20 Km from the city centre in Montichiari. It serves only few destinations:Girona Barcelona,London Stansted ( both Ryanair flights), Olbia, Rome, Napoli, and Crotone. However you can reach Brescia from Milan Orio al Serio Airport which is in province of Bergamo. You can reach Brescia by any train from the expensive Eurostars to the cheap and slow Regionale commuter trains. It is about an hour from Milan. The smallish historical center of the city has an autobus system that works well for inhabitants and other commuters. Much of the rest of the area, including the Franciacorta wine district and nearby museums such as that of the Mille Miglia automobile race, is more easily accessible by car. (Pause for advertisement): Find airline tickets, travel deals, bed and breakfasts, Cheap flights. Obtain air fare prices, lodging, air tickets, and student travel. Check out flights, trip tickets, air line specials, low prices on air travel fares and more at (end of ad). Tempio Capitolino: Old Roman ruins, the last remains of what once was the city's forum during the Roman Empire, built by the emperor Vespasian. Historical placards are well translated in English. Brescia is home to several great museums. However, since it is not a primary tourist city, very few English translations are provided, and even if they are, translations are often so poor that you may prefer to try the Italian explanations. The Castle: Dating to pre-Roman times and last fortified by the Venetian overlords of the 16th century. Brescia is close to Lakes Iseo and Garda. Travelers in possession of a car will find scenic drives there and elsewhere around the city. Because it's not a primary tourist destination, Brescia is a bit short on hospitality, especially in the budget range. You'll find a few budget hotels in shadier parts of the city, and some nicer ones close to the train station. The Franciacorta region south of Lake Iseo boasts opportunities to taste some of the finest (and most expensive) wines in Italy, as well as tour vineyards and cantinas. Hiking and biking in the alpine foothills around the city are open to more physically fit and adventurous travellers. The city's medieval historical center, with shopping districts, open markets (try Via San Faustino and Piazza della Loggia on Saturdays), gelaterias, etc., is a good example of city life untrampled by tourism. Travelers might find interesting that, due to the city's industry, Brescia is however a major immigrant center.
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