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Afghanistan Airports
Albania Airports
Alderney Airports
Algeria Airports
American Samoa Airports
Andorra Airport
Angola Airports
Anguilla Airport
Antigua Barbuda Airports
Argentina Airports
Armenia Airports
Aruba Airport
Australia Airports
Austria Airports
Azerbaijan Airports
Azores Airports
Bahamas Airports
Bahrain Airports
Bali Airport
Bangladesh Airports
Barbados Airport
Beef Island Airports
Belarus Airports
Belgium Airports
Belize Airports
Benin Airports
Bermuda Airport
Bhutan Airports
Bimini Islands Airports
Bolivia Airports
Bonaire Airport
Bora Bora Airport
Bosnia Airports
Botswana Airports
Brazil Airports
Britain Airports
Brunei Airports
Bulgaria Airports
Burkina Faso Airports
Burma Airports
Burundi Airports
Cambodia Airports
Cameroon Airports
Canada Airports
Canary Islands Airports
Cancun Airport
Cape Verde Airports
Cayman Islands Airports
Central African Republic Airports
Chad Airports
Channel Islands Airports
Chile Airports
China Airports
Christmas Island (Kiribati) Airports
Cocos Islands Airports
Colombia Airports
Comoros Airports
Congo (Republic Of) Airports
Congo Democ. Rep. Airports
Cook Islands Airports
Corn Island Airport
Costa Rica Airports
Cote d'Ivoire Airports
Cozumel Airport
Croatia Airports
Cuba Airports
Curacao Airports
Cyprus Airports
Czech Republic Airports
Denmark Airports
Denpasar Bali Airport
Djibouti Airports
Dominica Airports
Dominican Rep. Airports
Dutch Antilles Airports
East Timor Airports
Easter Island Airport
Ecuador Airports
Egypt Airports
El Salvador Airports
England Airports
Equatorial Guinea Airports
Eritrea Airports
Estonia Airports
Ethiopia Airports
Faeroe Islands Airports
Falkland Islands Airports
Fernando De Noronha Airport
Fiji Airports
Finland Airports
France Airports
French Guiana Airports
French Polynesia Airports
Gabon Airports
Gambia Airports
Georgia Rep. Airports
Germany Airports
Ghana Airports
Gibraltar Airport
Grand Cayman Airports
Great Britain Airports
Greece Airports
Greenland Airports
Grenada Airports
Guadeloupe Airports
Guam Airport
Guatemala Airports
Guernsey Airport
Guinea Airports
Guinea Bissau Airports
Guyana Airports
Haiti Airports
Hawaii Airports
Holland Airports
Honduras Airports
Hungary Airports
Iceland Airports
India Airports
Indonesia Airports
Iran Airports
Iraq Airports
Ireland Airports
Isla Margarita Airports
Isle of Man Airport
Israel Airports
Italy Airports
Ivory Coast
Jamaica Airports
Japan Airports
Jersey Airport
Jordan Airports
Kazakhstan Airports
Kenya Airports
Kiribati Airports
Korea (North) Airports
Korea (South) Airports
Kosovo Airports
Kuwait Airports
Kyrgyzstan Airports
Laos Airports
Latvia Airports
Lebanon Airports
Lesotho Airports
Liberia Airports
Libya Airports
Liechtenstein Airports
Lithuania Airports
Los Roques Airports
Luxembourg Airports
Macedonia Airports
Madagascar Airports
Madeira Islands Airports
Malawi Airports
Malaysia Airports
Maldives Airports
Mali Airports
Malta Airport
Marquesas Airports
Marshall Islands Airports
Martinique Airports
Mauritania Airports
Mauritius Airports
Mayotte Airports
Mexico Airports
Micronesia Airports
Moldova Airports
Monaco Airport
Mongolia Airports
Montenegro Airports
Montserrat Airports
Morocco Airports
Mozambique Airports
Myanmar Airports
Namibia Airports
Nauru Airports
Nepal Airports
Netherlands Antilles Airports
Netherlands Airports
Nevis Airports
New Caledonia (Fr.) Airports
New Zealand Airports
Nicaragua Airports
Niger Airports
Nigeria Airports
Niue Airports
Norfolk Island Airports
North Korea Airports
Northern Ireland Airports
Northern Marianas Airports
Norway Airports
Oman Airports
Pakistan Airports
Palau Airports
Panama Airports
Papua New Guinea Airports
Paraguay Airports
Peru Airports
Philippines Airports
Pitcairn Airport
Poland Airports
Polynesia Airports
Portugal Airports
Providencia Airport
Puerto Rico Airports
Qatar Airports
Reunion Airports
Roatan Airport
Romania Airports
Rota Airport
Russia Airports
Rwanda Airports
Saba Airports
Sahrawi ADR Airports
Saipan Airports
Samoa (American) Airports
Samoa (Western) Airports
San Andres Airport
San Marino Airport
Sao Tome & Principe Airports
Saudi Arabia Airports
Scotland Airports
Senegal Airports
Serbia Airports
Seychelles Airports
Sierra Leone Airports
Singapore Airports
Slovakia Airports
Slovenia Airports
Solomon Islands Airports
Somalia Airports
South Africa Airports
South Korea Airports
Spain Airports
Sri Lanka Airports
St Barthelemy Airport
St Christopher Airports
St Croix Airport
St Eustatius Airport
St Kitts Airports
St Lucia Airports
St Maarten Airport
St Martin Airport
St Pierre Miquelon Airports
St Thomas Airport
St Vincent Airports
Sudan Airports
Suriname Airports
Swaziland Airports
Sweden Airports
Switzerland Airports
Syria Airports
Tahiti Airport
Taiwan Airports
Tajikistan Airports
Tanzania Airports
Thailand Airports
The Gambia Airports
Timor-Leste Airports
Togo Airports
Tokelau Airports
Tonga Airports
Tortola Airports
Trinidad & Tobago Airports
Tunisia Airports
Turkey Airports
Turkmenistan Airports
Turks & Caicos Airports
Tuvalu Airports
Uganda Airports
Ukraine Airports
United Arab Emirates Airports
United Kingdom Airports
United States Airports
Uruguay Airports
USA Airports
Uzbekistan Airports
Vanuatu Airports
Vatican Airports
Venezuela Airports
Vieques Airports
Vietnam Airports
Virgin Islands (UK) Airports
Virgin Islands (US) Airports
Western Sahara Airports
Wales Airports
Wallis & Futuna Airports
Yemen Airports
Yugoslavia Airports
Zaire Airports
Zambia Airports
Zanzibar Airport
Zimbabwe Airports

Airports by country: AirGorilla provides flights between over 2000 cities of the world. These nation airports or country airports are not a complete list because many air strips do not have regularly scheduled flights. You can search airports by country or airports by nation using the above list. We have tried to provide a complete list of countries airports or airports by nation. A city is an urban area that is differentiated from a town, village, or hamlet by size, population density, importance, or legal status. In most parts of the world, cities are generally substantial and nearly always have an urban core, but in the United States many incorporated areas which have a very modest population, or a suburban or even mostly rural character, are designated as cities. City can also be a synonym for "downtown" or a "city centre".

A city usually consists of residential, industrial and business areas together with administrative functions which may relate to a wider geographical area. A large share of a city's area is primarily taken up by housing, which is then supported by infrastructure such as roads, streets and often public transport routes such as a rapid transit system. Lakes and rivers may be the only undeveloped areas within the city. The study of cities is covered extensively in human geography. (airports)

Alabama Airports
Alaska Airports
Arizona Airports
Arkansas Airports
California Airports
Colorado Airports
Connecticut Airports
DC Airports
Florida Airports
Georgia Airports
Hawaii Airports
Idaho Airports
Illinois Airports
Indiana Airports
Iowa Airports
Kansas Airports
Kentucky Airports
Louisiana Airports
Maine Airports
Maryland Airports
Massachusetts Airports
Michigan Airports
Minnesota Airports
Mississippi Airports
Missouri Airports
Montana Airports
Nebraska Airports

Nevada Airports
New HampshireAirports
New Jersey Airports
New Mexico Airports
New York Airports
North Carolina Airports
North Dakota Airports
Ohio Airports
Oklahoma Airports
Oregon Airports
Pennsylvania Airports
Puerto Rico Airports
Rhode Island Airports
South Carolina Airports
South Dakota Airports
Tennessee Airports
Texas Airports
Utah Airports
Vermont Airports
Virgin Islands Airports
Virginia Airports
Washington State Airports
Washington DC Airports
West Virginia Airports
Wisconsin Airports
Wyoming Airports

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