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CityCodeAirport Name
Agaun AUP     Agaun Airport
Alotau GUR Gurney Airport
April River APR April River Airport
Awaba AWB Awaba Airport
Baimuru VMU Baimuru Airport
Balimo OPU Balimo Airport
Buka Island BUA Buka Airport
Chimbu CMU See Kundiawa
Daru DAU Daru Airport
Girua PNP See Popondetta
Goroka GKA Goroka Airport
Hoskins HKN Kimbe Airport
Itokama ITK Itokama
Kamusi KUW Kugururok River Airport
Kavieng KVG Kavieng Airport
Kikori KRI Karimui Airport
Kiunga UNG Kiunga Airport
Kokoda KKD Kokoda Airport
Kugururok River KUW See Kamusi
Kundiawa CMU Chimbu Airport
Lae LAE Nadzab Airport
Lake Murray LMY Lake Murray Airport
Lihir Island LNV Kunaye Airport, Lihir Airport
Losuia LSA Losuia Airport
Madang MAG Madang Airport
Manus Island MAS Momote Airport, Manus Airport
Mendi MDU Mendi Airport
Misima Island MIS Misima Airport
Moro MXH Moro Airport
Mount Hagen HGU Kagamuga Airport
Nadzab LAE See Lae
Namatanai ATN Namatanai Airport
Nomad River NOM Nomad Airport
Obo OBX Obo Airport
Popondetta PNP Girua Airport
Port Moresby POM Jacksons International Airport
Rabaraba RBP Raba Raba Airport
Rabaul RAB Tokua Airport
Salamo SAM Salamo Airport
Suki SKC Suki Airport
Tabubil TBG Tabubil Airport
Tari TIZ Tari Airport
Timika TIM Tembagapura Airport
Tufi TFI Tufi Airport
Vanimo VAI Vanimo Airport
Vivigani VIV Vivigani Airport
Wanigela AGL Wanigela Airport
Wewak WWK Boram Airport, Wewak International Airport
Wipim WPM Wipim Airport

Brisbane AU BNE Brisbane Int'l Airport
Sydney AU SYD Sydney Int'l Airport

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There are a number of airports in Papua New Guinea. However, not all Papua New Guinea airports have regularly scheduled flights. We do not list the smallest Papua New Guinea airports, since there is no way to provide you flights from those airports. AirGorilla offers flights, hotels, and rental car reservations for Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea (PNG), officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, is a country in Oceania, occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous offshore islands (the western portion of the island is occupied by the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Irian Jaya). It is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, in a region defined since the early 19th century as Melanesia. Its capital, and one of its few major cities, is Port Moresby. It is one of the most diverse countries on Earth, with over 850 indigenous languages and at least as many traditional societies, out of a population of just under 6 million. It is also one of the most rural, with only 18 per cent of its people living in urban centres. The country is also one of the world's least explored, culturally and geographically, and many undiscovered species of plants and animals are thought to exist in the interior of Papua New Guinea.

The majority of the population live in traditional societies and practise subsistence-based agriculture. These societies and clans have some explicit acknowledgement within the nation's constitutional framework. The PNG Constitution expresses the wish for traditional villages and communities to remain as viable units of Papua New Guinean society, and for active steps to be taken in their preservation. The PNG legislature has enacted various laws in which a type of tenure called "customary land title" is recognised, meaning that the traditional lands of the indigenous peoples have some legal basis to inalienable tenure. This customary land notionally covers most of the usable land in the country (some 97% of total land area); alienated land is either held privately under State Lease or is government land. Freehold Title (also known as fee simple) can only be held by Papua New Guinea citizens.

The country's geography is similarly diverse and, in places, extremely rugged. A spine of mountains runs the length of the island of New Guinea, forming a populous highlands region. Dense rainforests can be found in the lowland and coastal areas. This terrain has made it difficult for the country to develop transportation infrastructure. In some areas, planes are the only mode of transport. After being colonised by three external powers since 1888, Papua New Guinea gained its independence from Australia in 1975.

The mainland of the country is the eastern half of New Guinea island, where the largest towns are also located, including the capital Port Moresby and Lae; other major islands within Papua New Guinea include New Ireland, New Britain, and Bougainville. Papua New Guinea is one of the few regions close to the equator that experience snowfall, which occurs in the most elevated parts of the mainland.

Papua New Guinea is richly endowed with natural resources, but exploitation has been hampered by rugged terrain, the high cost of developing infrastructure, serious law and order problems and the system of land title, which makes identifying the owners of land for the purpose of negotiating appropriate agreements problematic. Agriculture provides a subsistence livelihood for 85% of the population. Mineral deposits, including oil, copper, and gold, account for 72% of export earnings.

There are hundreds of ethnic groups indigenous to Papua New Guinea, the majority being from the group known as Papuans, whose ancestors arrived in the New Guinea region tens of thousands of years ago. The others are Austronesians, their ancestors having arrived in the region less than four thousand years ago. There are also numerous people from other parts of the world resident, including Chinese, Europeans, Australians, Filipinos, Sri Lankans and Indians. (airports)

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