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Niue IUE     Niue International Airport, Hanan International Airport, Alofi Airport

Auckland AKL Auckland Int'l Airport

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There are a number of airports in Niue. However, not all Niue airports have regularly scheduled flights. We do not list the smallest Niue airports, since there is no way to provide you flights from those airports. AirGorilla offers flights, hotels, and rental car reservations for Niue.

Niue (pronounced: "new-way") is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is commonly known as "Rock of Polynesia". The natives call it the Rock. Although it is self-governing, it is in free association with New Zealand. This means that the sovereign in right of New Zealand is also the head of state of Niue, and most diplomatic relations are conducted by New Zealand on Niue's behalf. Niue is located 2,400 kilometres north-east of New Zealand in a triangle between Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands. The island has a tropical climate, with most rainfall occurring between November and April.

European involvement in Niue began in 1774 with Captain James Cook's sighting (landing was refused) of what he named "Savage Island". Legend has it that Cook so named the island because the natives that "greeted" him were painted in what appeared to Cook and his crew to be blood.

The next major arrival was the London Missionary Society in 1846. Niue was briefly a protectorate, the UK's involvement being passed on in 1901 when New Zealand annexed the island. Independence in the form of self-government was granted by the New Zealand parliament in the 1974 constitution.

Niue is one of the world's largest coral islands. The terrain of Niue consists of steep limestone cliffs along the coast with a central plateau rising to about 60 metres above sea level. A coral reef surrounds the island, with the only major break in the reef being in the central western coast, close to the capital, Alofi. A notable feature of the island is the number of limestone caves found close to the coast.

Foreign aid, principally from New Zealand and also from Australia, has been the island's principal source of income. Tourism generates some revenue, but there is very little industry on the island. Remittances from Niuean expatriates, generally from New Zealand, constitute a significant proportion of Niue's income as well. Most economic activity centres around government and work on family plantations. It uses the New Zealand Dollar and relies on New Zealand aid to sustain its government. (airports)

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