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American Samoa (USA)
Christmas I. (Kiri.)
Cocos Islands
Cook Islands (NZ)
East Timor
Easter Island
French Polynesia (Fr.)
Marquesas (Fr.)
Marshall Islands
New Caledonia (Fr.)
New Zealand
Niue (NZ)
Norfolk I. (Aus.)
Northern Marianas (US)
Papua New Guinea
Pitcairn (UK)
Polynesia (Fr.)
Rota (US)
Saipan (US)
Samoa (Western)
Samoa (American)
Solomon Islands
Tokelau (NZ)
Wallis and Futuna (France)

There are hundreds of airports in Pacific (Oceania) - especially in Australia and New Zealand. The Pacific, as a region, officially excludes Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, since those are considered part of Asia instead. However, certainly they are part of the Pacific Rim and are island nations bordering and to a small degree inhabiting the Pacific Ocean. We cross-list those nations above so that you can access lists of their airports two different ways. Curiously, Papua New Guinea is most often considered part of the Pacific (Oceania) instead of part of Asia. Additionally, while often considered a part of Oceania, Australia is in fact its own continent or geographical region in its own right.

Not all Pacific airports have regularly scheduled flights. There are many Pacific Islands airlines. Other airlines from North America, Europe, and Australia also fly many flights to Pacific Islands airports. AirGorilla provides flights on several hundred airlines on any given day. In fact, for Pacific, AirGorilla has negotiated discount rates with over 10 of the airlines through direct deals as well as through wholesalers.

Some regional airports are only served by small local airlines, who do not make their fares available to major travel web sites. We list some of those airports but not all of them, since its not always possible for any travel web site to sell flights on some of these privately owned airlines.

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Pacific Ocean Airports

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