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CityCodeAirport Name
Acarigua AGV       Aeropuerto Internacional Oswaldo Guevara Mujica
Barcelona BLA Aeropuerto Internacional General Jose Antonio Anzoategui
Barinas BNS Aeropuerto Barinas
Barquisimeto BRM Aeropuerto Barquisimeto
Canaima CAJ Aeropuerto Canaima
Caracas CCS Aeropuerto Internacional Simon Bolivar, Maiquetia
Carupano CUP Aeropuerto Internacional General Jose Francisco Bermudez
Ciudad Guayana CGU Aeropuerto Manuel Carlos Piar
Cumana CUM Aeropuerto Internacional Antonio Jose de Sucre
Guanare GUQ Aeropuerto Guanare
Guiria GUI Aeropuerto Guiria
Isla Margarita PMV Porlamar, Aeropuerto Internacional del Caribe General Santiago Marino
Las Piedras LSP Aeropuerto Josefa Camejo, Paraguana
Los Roques LRV Aeropuerto Los Roques
Maiquetia CCS See Caracas
Maracaibo MAR Aeropuerto Internacional La Chinita
Maracay MYC Aeropuerto El Libertador
Maturin MUN Aeropuerto Internacional Maturin
Merida MRD Aeropuerto Internacional Alberto Carnevalli
Porlamar PMV See Isla Margarita
Puerto Ayacucho PYH Aeropuerto Internacional Casique Aramare
Puerto Ordaz PZO Aeropuerto Puerto Ordaz
San Antonio del Tachira SVZ Aeropuerto San Antonio
San Fernando De Apure SFD Aeropuerto San Fernando De Apure
San Tome SOM Aeropuerto San Tome
Santa Barbara del Zulia STB Aeropuerto Santa Barbara del Zulia
Santo Domingo STD Aeropuerto Internacional Mayor Buenaventura Vivas
Valencia VLN Aeropuerto Internacional Arturo Michelena
Valera VLV Aeropuerto Internacional Dr Antonio Nicolas Briceno

Bogota CO BOG El Dorado
Bucaramanga CO BGA Palonegro
Cartagena CO CTG Rafael Nunez
Cucuta CO CUC Camilo Daza
Georgetown GU GEO Cheddi Jagan
Ogle GU OGL Ogle International
Paramaribo SU PBM Zandery / Zanderij
Paramaribo SU ORG Zorg en Hoop
Riohacha CO RCH Almirante Padilla

Most international flights arrive at Caracas (CCS), Maracaibo (MAR) and Isla Margarita (PMV). There are many airports in Venezuela. However, not all Venezuela airports have regularly scheduled flights. In fact, some small airports have no regularly scheduled passenger services.

Some regional airports in Venezuela are only served by small "local" airlines which do not make their fares available to major travel web sites. For flights out of that sort of city, you would need to research which airlines serve the city and locate their web site or phone number by any means you have at your disposal.

Venezuela, officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country on the northern coast of South America. Comprising a continental mainland and numerous islands in the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela borders Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south, and Colombia to the west. Trinidad and Tobago, Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba, and the Leeward Antilles lie just north of the Venezuelan coast.

A former Spanish colony, Venezuela is a federal republic. Historically, Venezuela has had territorial disputes with Guyana, largely concerning the Essequibo area, and with Colombia concerning the Gulf of Venezuela. Today, Venezuela is known widely for its petroleum industry, the environmental diversity of its territory, and its natural features. Christopher Columbus, upon seeing its eastern coast in 1498, referred to Venezuela as "Tierra de Gracia" ("Land of Grace"), which has become the country's nickname. Aside from oil, Venezuela is also highly dependent on its agricultural sector. Sectors with major potential for export-led growth are production of both coffee and cocoa crops.

Most Venezuelans live in urbanized areas of the north, especially in the largest metropolis, Caracas. Other major cities include Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Maracay, and Ciudad Guayana.

The extreme northeastern extensions of the Andes reach into Venezuela's northwest and continue along the northern Caribbean coast. The country's center is characterized by the llanos, extensive plains that stretch from the Colombian border in the far west to the delta of the Orinoco River in the east. To the south, the dissected Guiana Highlands is home to the northern fringes of the Amazon Basin and Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall. The Orinoco River is the largest and most important river of the country, originating in one of the biggest watersheds in Latin America.

Though Venezuela is entirely situated in the tropics, its climate varies substantially, ranging from humid low-elevation plains with average annual temperatures as high as 28 C to glaciers and highlands (the páramos) with an average temperature of 8 C. Annual rainfall varies between 43 cm in the semiarid portions of the northwest to 1 meter mm in the Orinoco Delta of the far east. Most precipitation falls between May and November (the rainy season or "winter"); the drier and hotter remainder of the year is known as "summer", though temperature variation throughout the year is not as pronounced as at temperate latitudes.

A recent study on racial groups showed that 60% of the population are Mestizo (mixed race between white, African and indian), 29% white (mostly Spaniards, Italian, Germans and Portuguese), 8% African, 1% Amerindian and 2% Asian.

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