Chitre - Aeropuerto Alonso Valderrama (CTD)

Aeropuerto Valderrama (CTD)
AirGorilla can search numerous air carriers and airline schedules for flights with convenient routes and competitive pricing to Aeropuerto Alonso Valderrama (CTD) / Chitre Airport in Panama. Aeropuerto Valderrama is located in the vicinity of Chitre in Panama. CTD airport (Chitre Airport).

Airport Characteristics
Lat/Long: 0.987836 N / 80.409739 W
Elevation: 33 feet (10 meters)
From city: Near Chitre, Panama
Time zone: UTC -5
Max Runway: 4921 x 66 feet (1500 x 20 meters)
Surface: ASPHALT

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Aeropuerto Chitre Airport

Aeropuerto Alonso Valderrama


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