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CityCodeAirport Name
Arauca AUC       Aeropuerto Internacional Santiago Perez
Armenia AXM Aeropuerto El Eden
Barrancabermeja EJA Aeropuerto Yariguies
Barranquilla BAQ Aeropuerto Internacional Ernesto Cortissoz
Bogota BOG Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado
Bucaramanga BGA Aeropuerto Palonegro
Cali CLO Aeropuerto Internacional Alfonso Bonilla Aragon
Cartagena CTG Aeropuerto Internacional Rafael Nunez
Cucuta CUC Aeropuerto Internacional Camilo Daza
Ibague IBE Aeropuerto Perales
Manizales MZL Aeropuerto La Nubia
Medellin MDE All Medellin Airports
Medellin MDE Aeropuerto Internacional Jose Maria Cordova
Medellin EOH Aeropuerto Internacional Olaya Herrera
Monteria MTR Aeropuerto Los Garzones
Neiva NVA Aeropuerto Benito Salas
Pasto PSO Aeropuerto Antonio Narino
Pereira PEI Aeropuerto Internacional Matecana
Providencia PVA Aeropuerto El Embrujo, Isla Providencia
Riohacha RCH Aeropuerto Almirante Padilla
San Andres Island ADZ Aeropuerto Internacional Gustavo Rojas Pinilla
Santa Marta SMR Aeropuerto Internacional Simon Bolivar
Tumaco TCO Aeropuerto La Florida
Valledupar VUP Aeropuerto Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo

Bahia Pinas PN BFQ       Bahia Pinas
Esmeraldas EC ESM General Rivadeneira
Iquitos PU IQT Vignetta
Jaque PN JQE Aeropuerto
Maracaibo VZ MAR La Chinita
Nueva Loja EC LGQ Lago Agrio
Panama City PN PTY Tocumen Int'l
Panama City PN PAC Paitilla
Puerto Ayacucho VZ PYH Casique Aramare
Puerto Obaldia PN PUE Puerto Obaldia
Quito EC UIO Mariscal Sucre
Sambu PN SAX Sambu
Tubala PN TUW Tubala

Some regional airports in Colombia are only served by small "local" airlines which do not make their fares available to major travel web sites. Some of those cities are listed below. For flights to these cities, you would need to research which airlines serve the city and locate their web site or phone number by any means you have at your disposal. Those airlines include Satena, Aerolinea de Antioquia (ADA), SAM, and AIRES.

Lesser Airports
Bahia SolanoBSC  
El BagreEBG  
El EncantoECO  
El YopalEYP  
La PrimaveraLPE  
Puerto AsisPUU  
Puerto BerrioPBE  
Puerto CarrenoPCR  
Puerto IniridaPDA  
Puerto LeguizamoLQM  
San Jose Del GuaviareSJE  
San Pedro de UrabaNPU  
San Vicente del CaguanSVI  

Colombia, or formally, the Republic of Colombia (Spanish: Republica de Colombia), is the northwesternmost country of South America. Colombia is bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil, to the south by Ecuador and Peru, to the North by the Atlantic Ocean, through the Caribbean Sea, and to the west by Panama and the Pacific Ocean.

Colombia is a large and physically diverse nation. It is the fourth-largest country in South America (after Brazil, Argentina, and Peru), with an area seven times greater than that of New England and more than twice that of France. Its vast territory is one of great physical contrasts, ranging from the towering, snowcapped peaks of the Andes to the hot, humid plains of the Amazon River Basin. Not only is Colombia large in area, but it also has a large population, containing more people than any other South American country except Brazil. The nation's population is not evenly distributed. Most of the people live in the mountainous western third of the country, where Bogota, the capital, and most of Colombia's other large cities are located. Because this western region has a pleasant climate and rich soil, it is also where most agricultural activity takes place.

Colombia currently suffers from a low intensity armed conflict involving rebel guerrilla groups, paramilitary militias, and drug trafficking, that started to develop since around 1964-1966, which was when the FARC and later the ELN were founded and subsequently started their guerrilla insurgency campaigns against successive Colombian government administrations.

Colombia has one festival for every day of the year. During the most famous festivals (such as the Cali Fair, the Barranquilla Carnival, the Iberoamerican Theater Festival and the Flower Festival) is when the most tourists come to Colombia. Many people also come into Colombia during Christmas time and the celebrations surrounding the Independence of Colombia. Even though Colombia has been plagued with travel warnings because of FARC and other guerillas groups, it has continued to attract more tourists in recent years.

In the extreme west are the very narrow and discontinuous Pacific coastal lowlands, which are backed by the low and narrow Serrania de Baudo mountain range. Next is the broad region of the Rio Atrato/Rio San Juan lowland, which has been proposed as a possible alternate to the Panama Canal as a human-made route between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. The chief western mountain range, the Cordillera Occidental, is a moderately high range with peaks reaching up to about 13,000 ft (4,000 m). The Cauca River Valley, an important agricultural region with several large cities on its borders, separates the Cordillera Occidental from the massive Cordillera Central. The valley of the slow-flowing and muddy Magdalena River, a major transportation artery, separates the Cordillera Central from the main eastern range, the Cordillera Oriental.

Altitude affects not only temperature, but also vegetation. In fact, altitude is one of the most important influences on vegetation patterns in Colombia. The mountainous parts of the country can be divided into several vegetation zones according to altitude, although the altitude limits of each zone may vary somewhat depending on the latitude.

Statistics reveal that Colombians are predominantly Roman Catholic and overwhelmingly speakers of Spanish, and that a majority of them are mestizos (of mixed European and Native Amerindian descent). About 25 percent of the people are of pure European descent, while another 12 percent are black or of mixed African and European heritage.

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