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CityCodeAirport Name
Alta Floresta AFL       Aeroporto de Alta Floresta
Altamira ATM Aeroporto de Altamira
Aracaju AJU Aeroporto Santa Maria
Aracatuba ARU Aeroporto Aracatuba
Araguaina AUX Aeroporto de Araguaina
Araraquara AQA Aeroporto de Araraquara
Araxa AAX Aeroporto Romeu Zuma
Barreiras BRA Aeroporto de Barreiras
Bauru BAU Aeroporto de Bauru
Belem BEL Aeroporto Internacional Val de Cans
Belo Horizonte BHZ All B.H. Airports
Belo Horizonte PLU Aeroporto da Pampulha MG Carlos Dummon de Andrade
Boa Vista BVB Aeroporto Internacional de Boa Vista
Bonito BYO Aeroporto Municipal de Bonito
Brasilia BSB Aeroporto Internacional Juscelino Kubitschek
Campinas CPQ Aeroporto Internacional de Viracopos
Campo Grande CGR Aeroporto Internacional de Campo Grande
Campos CAW Aeroporto Bartolomeu Lysandro
Carajas CKS Aeroporto de Parauapebas
Cascavel CAC Aeroporto de Cascavel
Caxias Do Sul CXJ Aeroporto Campo dos Bugres
Chapeco XAP Aeroporto de Chapeco
Comandatuba UNA Aeroporto Hotel Transamerica
Corumba CMG Aeroporto Internacional de Corumba
Criciuma CCM Aeroporto de Forquilhinha
Cuiaba CGB Aeroporto Internacional Marechal Rondon
Curitiba CWB Aeroporto Internacional Afonso Pena
Dourados DOU Aeroporto Municipal Francisco de Matos Pereira
Fernando De Noronha FEN Aeroporto de Fernando De Noronha
Florianopolis FLN Aeroporto Internacional Hercilio Luz
Fortaleza FOR Aeroporto Internacional Pinto Martins
Franca FRC Aeroporto de Franca
Goiania GYN Aeroporto Santa Genoveva
Governador Valadares GVR Aeroporto de Governador Valadares
Iguassu Falls IGU Aeroporto Internacional Cataratas, Foz Iguacu
Ilheus IOS Aeroporto Jorge Amado
Imperatriz IMP Aeroporto Prefeito Renato Moreira
Ipatinga IPN Aeroporto de Usiminas, Santana do Paraiso
Itaituba ITB Aeroporto de Itaituba
Ji Parana JPR Aeroporto de Ji-Parana
Joao Pessoa JPA Aeroporto Internacional Presidente Castro Pinto
Joinville JOI Aeroporto Lauro Carneiro de Loyola
Juazeiro Do Norte JDO Aeroporto Regional do Cariri
Juina JIA Aeroporto de Juina
Lencois LEC Aeroporto Chapada Diamantina
Londrina LDB Aeroporto de Londrina
Macae MEA Aeroporto de Macae
Macapa MCP Aeroporto Internacional de Macapa
Maceio MCZ Aeroporto Internacional Zumbi dos Palmares
Manaus MAO Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes
Maraba MAB Aeroporto de Maraba
Marilia MII Aeroporto de Gastao Vidigal, Aeroporto Frank Miloye Milenkovich
Maringa MGF Aeroporto Regional Silvio Name Junior
Matupa MBK Aeroporto de Matupa
Monte Dourado MEU Aeroporto de Monte Dourado, Almeirim
Montes Claros MOC Aeroporto de Montes Claros
Mossoro MVF Aeroporto Dix-Sept Rosado
Natal NAT Aeroporto Internacional Augusto Severo
Navegantes NVT Aeroporto Internacional Ministro Victor Konder
Oiapoque OYK Aeroporto de Oiapoque
Oriximina ORX Aeroporto de Oriximina
Palmas PMW Aeroporto Brigadeiro Lysias Rodrigues
Parintins PIN Aeroporto de Parintins
Parnaiba PHB Aeroporto Prefeito Doutor Joao Silva Filho
Passo Fundo PFB Aeroporto Lauro Kurtz
Petrolina PNZ Aeroporto Senador Nilo Coelho
Porto Alegre POA Aeroporto Internacional Salgado Filho
Porto Seguro BPS Aeroporto de Porto Seguro
Porto Velho PVH Aeroporto Internacional Governador Jorge Teixeira de Oliveira
Recife REC Aeroporto Internacional dos Guararapes
Ribeirao Preto RAO Aeroporto Leite Lope
Rio Branco RBR Aeroporto Internacional de Rio Branco, Presidente Medici
Rio De Janeiro RIO All Rio Airports
Rio De Janeiro GIG Aeroporto Internacional Galeao, Antonio Carlos Jobim
Rio De Janeiro SDU Aeroporto Santos Dumont
Rondonopolis ROO Aeroporto de Rondonopolis
Salvador SSA Aeroporto Internacional Luis Eduardo Magalhaes
Santana do Livramento LVB Aeroporto de Santana do Livramento
Santarem STM Aeroporto de Santarem
Santo Angelo GEL Aeroporto de Santo Angelo
Sao Jose Dos Campos SJK Aeroporto Professor Urbano Ernesto Stumpf
Sao Luiz SLZ Aeroporto Internacional Marechal Cunha Machado, San Luis
Sao Paulo SAO All Sao Paulo Airports
Sao Paulo CGH Aeroporto Internacional de Congonhas
Sao Paulo GRU Guarulhos International, Aeroporto Internacional Governador Andre Franco Montoro
Sinop OPS Aeroporto de Sinop
Sorocaba SOD Aeroporto de Sorocaba
Teresina THE Aeroporto Senador Petronio Portella
Trombetas TMT Aeroporto de Trombetas
Tucurui TUR Aeroporto de Tucurui
Uberaba UBA Aeroporto de Uberaba
Uberlandia UDI Ten Cel Av Cesar Bombonato Airport
Una UNA See Comandatuba
Videira VIA Aeroporto de Videira
Vilhena BVH Aeroporto de Vilhena
Vitoria VIX Aeroporto de Goiabeiras
Vitoria da Conquista VDC Aeroporto de Vitoria Conquista

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Latin America

There are many airports in Brazil. However, not all Brazil airports have regularly scheduled flights. We do not list the smallest Brazil airports, since there is no way to provide you flights from those airports. AirGorilla offers flights, hotels, and rental car reservations for Brazil.

Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: Brasil or Republica Federativa do Brasil), is the largest and most populous country in South America, and fifth largest in the world in both area and population. Brazil spans a vast area between central or western South America and the Atlantic Ocean.

The country's name is generally believed to be derived from pau-brasil (brazilwood), a tree highly valued by early colonists, though some credit the name to a mythical land mentioned in Europe during Middle Ages. Brazil is home to both extensive agricultural lands and rain forests. Exploring vast natural resources and a large labor pool, it is South America's leading economic power and a regional leader. Because it was a colony of Portugal, Portuguese is Brazil's official language.

Brazil is characterised by the extensive low-lying Amazon Rainforest in the north and a more open terrain of hills and low mountains to the south home to most of the Brazilian population and its agricultural base. Along the Atlantic seacoast are also found several mountain ranges, reaching roughly 2,900 metres (9,500 ft) high.

The Southeast is the richest and most densely populated region. It has more inhabitants than any other South American country, and hosts one of the largest megalopoles of the world, whereof the main cities are the country's two biggest ones; Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The region is very diverse, including the major business centre of Sao Paulo, the Historical cities of Minas Gerais, the world famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro, and the acclaimed coast of Espirito Santo.

The South is the wealthiest region (considering GDP per capita), with the best standard of living in the country. It is also the coldest region of Brazil, with occasional occurrences of frosts and snow in some of the higher altitude regions. The region has been heavily settled by European immigrants, mainly of German, Italian, and Slavic genealogy, and shows clear influences from these cultures.

Possessing large and well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service sectors, as well as a large labor pool, Brazil's GDP (PPP) outweighs that of any other Latin American country, being the core economy of Mercosur. The country has been expanding its presence in world markets. Major export products include aircraft, coffee, vehicles, soybean, iron ore, orange juice, steel, textiles, footwear and electrical equipment. (airports)

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