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CityCodeAirport Name
Akureyri AEY       Akureyri Airport
Bildudalur BIU Bildudalur Airport
Egilsstadir EGS Egilsstadir Airport
Gjogur GJR Gjogur Airport
Grimsey GRY Grimsey Airport
Hornafjordur HFN Hofn Airport
Isafjordur IFJ Isafjordur Airport
Keflavik KEF Keflavik International Airport
Reykjavik KEF Keflavik International Airport
Reykjavik RKV Reykjavik Municipal Airport
Saudarkrokur SAK Saudarkrokur Airport
Porshofn THO Thorshofn Airport
Vestmannaeyjar VEY Vestmannaeyjar Airport
Vopnafjordur VPN Skjalthingsstadir Airport

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There are many airports in Iceland. However, not all Iceland airports have regularly scheduled flights. We do not list the smallest Iceland airports, since there is no way to provide you flights from those airports. AirGorilla offers flights, hotels, and rental car reservations for Iceland. For a travelogue and pictures from Iceland, click here.

Iceland, officially the Republic of Iceland (Icelandic: Island or Lyšveldiš Island is a volcanic island nation in the northern Atlantic Ocean between Greenland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Faeroe Islands.

Iceland was one of the last large islands uninhabited by humans until it was discovered and settled by immigrants from Scandinavia, Scotland and Ireland during the 9th and 10th centuries. Islendingabok (Latin: Libellus Islandorum; English: The Book of Icelanders), written in 1122–33, claims that Norwegian Ingolfur Arnarson was the first man to settle in Iceland, in 870. The families were accompanied by servants and slaves, some of whom were Celts or Picts from Scotland and Ireland (known as Westmen to the Norse). Some literary evidence suggests that Papar (Irish monks) may have been living in Iceland before the arrival of Norse settlers, but no archaeological evidence has been found.

Erik the Red, or Eirikur rauši, was exiled from Iceland for manslaughter in 980, and set sail to explore the lands to the west. He established the first settlements in Greenland around this time, naming the land, according to legend, to attract settlers. Eirikur's son, Leif Ericson (Leifur Eiriksson), finally set foot in the Americas around the year 1000. While some say he was blown off-course, it is most likely that he was deliberately seeking the land spotted by Bjarni Herjolfsson several years earlier. He is believed to have established a colony at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, in what became Canada, which lasted only a few years. Despite the short stay, a sizable colony with at least eight buildings including a forge and various workshops was built. Two further attempts at colonization by his brother ended in failure.

The Alžingi (English: Althing, literally all-thing (Žing in icelandic means parliament) or general assembly) was founded in 930, marking the beginning of the Icelandic Commonwealth. It was the predecessor to the modern Icelandic legislature. The Althing is the oldest still-standing, parliament in the world that has written documents to prove its age.

Iceland was a free state without a king, until the end of the Sturlungaöld civil war in 1262, when it established a personal union with the Norwegian king with Gamli sattmali (English: The Old Covenant). From 1387 on, Iceland was in practice ruled by Denmark, following the union of the two kingdoms. When that union was dissolved in 1814, through the Treaty of Kiel, which saw Norway entering a union with Sweden, Iceland was transferred from the Norwegian throne to the Danish king, and thus became a dominion (or colony) of Denmark. Home rule was granted by the Danish government in 1904, and independence followed in 1918. In 1940, Iceland was occupied by the Allies. The Danish King remained the de jure sovereign of the nation until 1944, when the current republic was founded after the 1918 treaty had lapsed. (airports)

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