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CityCodeAirport Name
Baku BAK     Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Ganja KVD Ganja Airport, Gyandzha Airport
Nakhichevan NAJ Nakhichevan Airport

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Most international flights are to Baku, the capital city. There are a number of airports in Azerbaijan. However, not all Azerbaijan airports have regularly scheduled flights. We do not list the smallest Azerbaijan airports, since there is no way to provide you flights from those airports. AirGorilla offers flights, hotels, and rental car reservations for Azerbaijan.

The Republic of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Azerbaycan Respublikasi), is a country in the South Caucasus. Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia, it is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west, and Iran to the south. The Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic (an exclave of Azerbaijan) borders Armenia to the north and east, Iran to the south and west, and Turkey to the northwest. The Nagorno?Karabakh region in the southwest of Azerbaijan Proper declared itself independent from Azerbaijan in 1991, but it is not recognized by any nation.

Azerbaijan is a secular state, and has been a member of the Council of Europe since 2001. The Azerbaijani people (or simply Azeris) are the majority population, most of whom are traditionally adherents of Shi'a Islam. The country is formally an emerging democracy, however with strong authoritarian rule.

It is arid, dry, and subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures vary by season and area. Annual rainfall over most of the country varies from 20 to 40 centimeters (8 to 16 in) and is generally lowest in the northeast. In the far southeast, however, the climate is much moister and annual rainfall can be as high as 130 centimeters (51 in). For most of the country, the wettest periods are in spring and autumn, with summers being the driest.

Azerbaijan's economy is largely based on industry. Industries include machine manufacture, petroleum and other mining, petroleum refining, textile production, and chemical processing. Agriculture accounts for one?third of Azerbaijanís economy. Most of the nationís farms are irrigated. In the lowlands, farmers grow such crops as cotton, fruit, grain, tea, tobacco, and many types of vegetables. Silkworms are raised for the production of natural silk for the clothing industry. Azerbaijanís herders raise cattle, domestic sheep and goats near the mountain ranges. Seafood, including caviar and fish are obtained from the nearby Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan is 93.4% Muslim and most Azerbaijanis are Twelver Shia Muslim. The official language of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani, a member of the Oguz subdivision of the Turkic language family, and is spoken by around 95% of the republicís population, as well as about a quarter of the population of Iran. Its closest relatives in language are Turkish, Turkmen and Gagauzian. As a result of the language policy of the Soviet Union, Russian is also commonly spoken as a second language among the urbane. (airports)

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