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Ashgabat ASB     Ashkhabad Airport

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There are a number of airports in Turkmenistan. However, not all Turkmenistan airports have regularly scheduled flights. We do not list the smallest Turkmenistan airports, since there is no way to provide you flights from those airports. AirGorilla offers flights, hotels, and rental car reservations for Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan (also known as Turkmenia) is a country in Central Asia. The name Turkmenistan is derived from Persian, meaning "land of the Turkmen". Before 1991, it was a constituent republic of the Soviet Union, called the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic. It is bordered by Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the southwest, Uzbekistan to the northeast, Kazakhstan to the northwest, and the Caspian Sea to the west. Although the country is wealthy in natural resources in certain areas, most of it is covered by the Karakum (Black Sands) Desert. Turkmenistan has a single-party system ruled by President for Life Saparmurat Niyazov.

The former Soviet leader, Saparmurat Niyazov, remains in power to this day. His policies have changed greatly since Soviet times: He is friendly to foreign corporations; he has rather tense relations with Moscow; and he styles himself a promoter of traditional, Muslim, Turkmen culture. However, the extent of his power has been greatly enhanced since the early 1990s. An authoritarian dictator, he refers to himself as "Turkmenbashi" – a title which means "leader of all ethnic Turkmen", in a similar style to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He has become notorious in the Western world for his cult of personality and the disproportionate measures he takes to crush political dissent. Presently, 60% of the population is unemployed while 58% lives below the poverty line.

Some 90 percent of the country is covered by the Karakum Desert. The center of the country is dominated by Turan Depression and the Karakum Desert which are mostly flatlands. The Kopet Dag Range, along the southwestern border, reaches 2,912 meters (9,553 ft). The Turkmen Balkan Mountains in the far west and the Kugitang Range in the far east are the only other appreciable elevations. Rivers include the Amu Darya, Murgap, and the Hari Rud. The climate is subtropical desert, with little rainfall. Winters are mild and dry, with most precipitation falling between January and May. Heaviest precipitation is in the Kopetdag Range.

One-half of its irrigated land is planted in cotton, making it the world's 10th-largest producer; and it possesses the world's fourth-largest reserves of natural gas as well as substantial oil resources. President Niyazov has squandered much of his country's revenue on self-glorification, with cities, Ashgabat in particular, being given extensive renovations whilst the people living outside the capital struggle in conditions of poverty. (airports)

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