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CityCodeAirport Name
Agadir AGA     Al Massira Airport
Al Hoceima AHU Cherif Al Idrissi Airport, Cherif El Idrissi Airport
Casablanca CAS All Casablanca Airports
Casablanca CMN Mohamed V International Airport
Dakhla VIL Villa Cisneros Airport
El Aaiun EUN See Laayoune Airport
Errachidia ERH Moulay Ali Cherif Airport, Er Rachidia Airport
Essaouira ESU Mogador International Airport
Fez FEZ Saiss Airport
Laayoune EUN Hassan International Airport, El Aaiun Airport
Marrakech RAK Menara International Airport
Nador NDR Arwi Airport, El Aroui Airport
Ouarzazate OZZ Ouarzazate Airport
Oujda OUD Angads Airport
Rabat RBA Sale International Airport
Tangier TNG Ibn Batouta International Airport, Tangier International Airport, Tanger Airport
Tetuan TTU Sania Ramel Airport, Tetouan Airport

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The primary international airports in Morocco are at Casablanca, Marrakech, and Rabat. However, Agadir, Fez, and a number of other cities have an increasing number of international flights as well. There are many airports in Morocco. However, not all Morocco airports have regularly scheduled flights. We do not list the smallest Morocco airports, since there is no way to provide you flights from those airports. AirGorilla offers flights, hotels, and rental car reservations for Morocco.

The Kingdom of Morocco (French: Maroc) is a country in North Africa. The full Arabic name of the country (Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiya) translates to The Western Kingdom. Al Maghrib (meaning The West) is commonly used.It has a long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Algeria to the east, the Mediterranean Sea and a relatively thin water border Spain to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to its west. There are also four Spanish exclaves bordering Morocco to the north: Ceuta, Melilla, Penon de Velez de la Gomera, Penon de Alhucemas, and the Chafarinas islands, as well as the disputed islet Perejil. The border to the south is disputed. Morocco claims ownership of Western Sahara and has administered most of the territory since 1975.

The Rif mountains occupy the region bordering the Mediterranean from the north-west to the north-east. The Atlas Mountains run down the backbone of the country, from the south west to the north east. Most of the south east portion of the country is in the Sahara Desert and as such is generally sparsely populated and unproductive economically. Most of the population lives to the north of these mountains, while to the south is the desert.

The climate is Mediterranean, which becomes more extreme towards the interior regions where it is mountainous. The terrain is such that the coastal plains are rich and accordingly, they comprise the backbone for agriculture. Forests cover about 12% of the land while arable land accounts for 18%. 5% is irrigated.

Morocco's largest industry is the mining of phosphates. Its second largest source of income is from nationals living abroad who transfer money to relatives living in Morocco. The country's third largest source of revenue is tourism.

Morocco ranks among the world’s largest producers and exporters of cannabis, and its cultivation and sale provide the economic base for much of the population of northern Morocco. The cannabis is typically processed into hashish.

Morocco, a constitutional monarchy, is the only African country that is not currently a member of the African Union. However, it is a member of the Arab League and is a major non-NATO ally of the United States.

Morocco recovered its political independence from France on March 2, 1956 and on April 7 France officially relinquished its protectorate. Through agreements with Spain in 1956 and 1958, Moroccan control over certain Spanish-ruled areas was restored, though attempts to claim other Spanish colonial possessions through military action were less successful. The internationalized city of Tangier was reintegrated on October 29, 1956. The Spanish enclave of Ifni in the south became part of the new Morocco in 1969. (airports)

Morocco airports

Airports in Morocco, Moroccan airports

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