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AirGorilla finds super deals on discount Mongolia hotels. We find airfare, lodging, and car rental for Mongolia too. We bring Mongolia travel maps and destination information as well.

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View cheap hotels in Mongolia by using our booking engine. Bookmark this site to keep coming back. Hotel deals run cheap during particular times of year more so than other times. Mongolia is a common hotel location.

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Mongolia is a landlocked country located between China and Russia. It is a vast emptiness that links land and sky, and is one of the last few places on the planet where nomadic life is still a living tradition. Ulaanbaatar, the capital and largest city, is home to about 38% of the population. Consider specials on discount airfare for cheap tickets to Mongolia. Consider great rates on Mongolia hotels. The majority of visitors arrive in Mongolia through Chinggis Khaan International Airport (IATA: ULN), which is located 18 km to the southwest of Ulaanbaatar. Airlines with air fares and travel tickets to Mongolia include a few Asian carriers, Aeroflot (from Moscow), MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Eznis Airways and Aero Mongolia. There are almost daily flights from Seoul on Korean Air as well as other flights through Beijing. Don't buy a non-refundable or unchangeable ticket if you are going to Mongolia, because flights don't always actually happen. You can also fly in from Beijing, with Miat Mongolian airlines being the cheapest, then Air China after that. The Trans-Mongolian Line of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway links Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar with Moscow, Russia and Beijing, China. Mongolia has the lowest population density of any independent country, and it is this vast and majestic emptiness that is the country's enduring appeal, bringing the traveler, as it does, into a close communion with nature and its nomadic inhabitants. With the exception of the westernmost province where Kazakh is spoken, everybody in the country speaks Mongolian. (Pause for advertisement): Book deals on hotels in the best locations at your travel destinations. Make hotel reservations. Reserve hotel rooms and suites. Find lodging and accommodations to suit your tastes. Look up hotel deals at AirGorilla and (end of ad). Mongolia is a big country with bad transportation means, so trying to see too many provinces you would spend your holidays inside vehicles. Hovsgol Lake is very beautiful. There is no much architecture in Mongolia, but Amarbaysgalant monastery, Selenge province, in the middle of nowhere, is worth seeing. Khustain Nuruu or Hustai National park is home to the Takhi wild horses (also known as Przewalski's Horse). These are true wild horses which have never been domesticated. Get online trips with low airfare and cheap flights to Mongolia. Look for hotels in Mongolia such as those in the capital, including Mongolian Steppe Hotel, Golden Gobi Mongolia Hotel, Travelers Paradise Hotel and SK Hostel. To stay in the country a visa is required. The process for getting a thirty day visa is relatively painless, requiring a simple form and a small fee at your local Mongolian embassy. Longer visas are available, but require an invitation letter from a Mongolian company. Mongolia travel deals are available today.
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