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AirGorilla finds super deals on discount Jinan hotels. We find airfare, lodging, and car rental for Jinan too. We bring Jinan travel maps and destination information as well.

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View cheap hotels in Jinan by using our booking engine. Bookmark this site to keep coming back. Hotel deals run cheap during particular times of year more so than other times. Jinan is a common hotel location.

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Jinan carries the nickname City of Springs because of the many artesian wells that bubble up within the city limits. The water from these springs flows North towards the main landmark, Daming Lake, and onwards to the Yellow River. Reserve trips with discount airfare for cheap tickets to Jinan, China. Find rooms at Jinan hotels, China. Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport is the major airport of Jinan, Shandong, China (IATA: TNA). The airport is located approximately 33 km from the city center of Jinan and immediately to the north of the town of Yaoqiang. Airlines with air fares and travel tickets to Jinan China include multiple China-based carriers, especially Shandong Airlines and Air China, plus international flights on Korean Air. While it doesn't always make the short list of tourists visiting China, there is certainly enough to be done in Jinan to warrant a couple days stay. (Pause for advertisement): Book deals on hotels in the best locations at your travel destinations. Make hotel reservations. Reserve hotel rooms and suites. Find lodging and accommodations to suit your tastes. Look up hotel deals at AirGorilla and HotelGorilla.com (end of ad). It is also a perfect base for exploring the region, notably Qufu, the hometown of Confucius, and Mount Tai, the foremost of the sacred Five Great Mountains known in Taoism. Historic Buddhist sites are particularly common in Licheng County to the south-east of the city center of Jinan. The Four Gates Pagoda, built in 661 A.D., is the oldest existing one-story stone tower in China. The pagoda houses four Buddhist statues dating from the 6th century, and the Cypress tree standing next to the pagoda is more than 1000 years old. Place reservations for travel with low airfare and cheap flights to Jinan, China. Get lists of hotels in Jinan, China, such as Sofitel Silver Plaza Jinan Hotel, Shandong Hotel, Crowne Plaza Jinan Hotel, Yuquan Simpson Hotel, and Nanjiao Guest House. The area of present-day Jinan has played an important role in the history of the region from the earliest beginnings of civilization and has evolved into a major national administrative, economic, and transportation hub. Jinan travel deals are available today.
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