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AirGorilla finds super deals on discount Liberia hotels. We find airfare, lodging, and car rental for Liberia too. We bring Liberia travel maps and destination information as well.

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View cheap hotels in Liberia by using our booking engine. Bookmark this site to keep coming back. Hotel deals run cheap during particular times of year more so than other times. Liberia is a common hotel location.

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Liberia is in West Africa. Harper is the former capital of Maryland. It is known for its beautiful beaches and beach houses. Now these houses are dilapidated but its still possible to get sense of the glory of the past. Liberia is recovering from a devastating civil war that ended with a ceasefire in August 2003. While the country is on the mend, it has not yet redeveloped the necessary infrastructure to sustain a large increase in tourism, with little for the average visitor outside Monrovia. Travel outside Monrovia is very difficult and not advisable on your own. People in Liberia use Imperal units. A letter of invitation, yellow fever vaccination certificate, a doctor's letter that you are free of communicable diseases, & evidence of financial support are necessary to apply for a Liberian visa. For US citizens, a 3-month visa costs US$131, for all others the fee is US$70. One, two, & three year multiple-entry visas are also available. (Pause for advertisement): Book deals on hotels in the best locations at your travel destinations. Make hotel reservations. Reserve hotel rooms and suites. Find lodging and accommodations to suit your tastes. Look up hotel deals at AirGorilla and (end of ad). Monrovia International Airport is located some 60 km's from the city center at Robertsfield. SN Brussels flies directly from Brussels but is expensive. Other alternatives include flying through Dakar or Accra. The trip from Monrovia International airport to the city was once infamous. Brussels airlines has flights on several days of the week. You can check in the day of your flight, at their city center location. It is easier, and faster than checking in at the airport. There is no real train service. There are no buses for tourists. As of 2009, the government has received a few busses for public travel but they are not usable for travel. For an interesting day trip, Robertsport offers a glimpse of Liberia's cultural history as well as clean, beautiful beaches.
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